Color Me Fit


is an


activity book


that covers


key topics in







young people



seven to twelve. 

Our Endorsments

“Hats off to dietitian Susan Stein, RDN, LD, and artist Vivien Well

for transforming 'boring' nutrition into colorful concepts

that help children and adults alike

learn how to win with positive food and exercise choices.”
--Nancy Clark, MS, RD, Boston-area Sports Nutritionist, Author,

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook

“I support all opportunities for children to learn about nutrition,

understand the importance of making healthy food choices,

and have fun along the way.

This book offers it all,

plus the adorable characters that surely will attract children of all ages.

I am thrilled to have been an inspiration for the creation of this workbook.”    
-- Sandy Nissenberg, MS, RDN, Senior Editorial Director, Cooking Magazines

I. Objectives
  • To provide hands-on nutrition information for kids

  • To enable young people to include a variety of food and activity choices

  • To understand the role that nutrients play in growing strong and staying healthy

  • To enable young people to identify reliable sources of nutrition information

  • To enable families to communicate about nutrition and fitness

II. Content
  • Defines nutrients and identifies sources of nutrient-dense foods

  • Explains Energy balance

  • Cites the importance of including a variety of foods and physical activities

  • Provides tips for pre-planning meals and snacks

  • Identifies reliable sources of nutrition information

  • Provides illustrations highlighting the nutrient benefits of foods in each food group

  • Includes a guide for grown-ups with objectives, background information and cross-curricular activities

  • Features original cartoon characters which depict foods from each food group

III. Bonus Features 
  • Games and activities in each chapter highlighting the information provided

  • A colorful rainbow that illustrates a variety of nutrients available in food and their function

  • A pictorial list of foods, from each food group, that can be used to pre-plan meals and snacks

  • A glossary defining terms used throughout the book

  • A Guide for Grownups with objectives, nutrition basics and cross-curricular activities for kids that include             

  • Arts and Crafts, Drama and Role Playing, Language Arts, Math and Science and more 

  • A section of geometric coloring pages for children of all ages that depict scenes and characters featured in the book