Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Nutrients to Grow defines nutrients and identifies dietary sources for a variety of nutrients.


  • Chapter 2: New Adventures introduces the benefit of trying new foods.


  • Chapter 3: Winning Choices focuses on increasing variety in dietary intake as a winning strategy.


  • Chapter 4: Make Room for Nutrients provides tips to avoid the displacement of nutrient-dense foods.


  • Chapter 5: Racing to Win introduces energy balance.


  • Chapter 6: Pack a Snack defines snacks as nutrient opportunities and provides strategies for pre-planning.


  • Chapter 7:  Shopping Cart Smarts provides tips for savvy supermarket shopping that families can share.


  •  Chapter 8: You Be the Judge identifies reliable sources of nutrition information to distinguish between fact and faddism.


  • Chapter 9:  A Balancing Act defines diet as a well-balanced eating plan without restrictive connotations.


  • Chapter 10: Water Ways highlights water's nutrient benefits.

Sample #1

Sample #2

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